Kingdom of Saudi Arabia E-Visa project

Alan has just finished a six week project working with Imagination in London and Saudi Arabia

Alan had two weeks of preproduction in Imagination’s offices in London in August before heading to Saudi Arabia at the start of September for four weeks onsite.

A purpose built venue was constructed from scratch including all the facilities required including power (a large generator farm with fuel tanks), air-conditioning, catering, toilets and even an access road.

Alan’s role was a little different to his normal one working on Production Technology for the event to start and then transferring to work with Martin Speight, Creative Director for a live action performance which involved lots of elements including Aerial performers, a hot air balloon, a live horse, A large Mercedes 4×4 and over 150 artists, singers, dancers etc.

Part of Alan’s role for Imagination was to oversee the various teams bringing all elements of the evening together including Audio, Lighting, LED, rigging for Aerial performers and some Augmented Reality which was part of the performance.

Alan also had to liaise with a local telecom provider and organise the installation of a 5G tower onsite and also implement site wide wifi and a fibre broadband line to FOH control to enable the download of all the media files needed for the evening.

The event was a lot of hard work in sometimes excruciating 47 degree centigrade heat but in the end was a huge success.