Solitaire Recording Studio was established in 1999 in Dublin.

In 2004, the studio moved to its current premises in Kingscourt, Cavan.

Set in a residential property which stands on an acre of land, it is in a very quiet area just 5 minutes from Kingscourt village.

Analogue/Digital Conversion is done via Lynx Aurora converters.

The studio is equipped with some of the best microphones available including, Neumann, Earthworks, Audio Technica, Sennheiser and Shure.

We have lots of high-end outboard equipment including DBX, TL Audio, Focusrite etc.

Outboard Effects include, Lexicon, Eventide, TC Electronics.

Recording is done using Digital Performer 8 or Protools 12. Plugins include DUY and Waves. A Protools HDX system is also available upon Request.

Most projects undertaken these days include mixing and mastering albums as well as preparing soundtracks for live shows and programming QLab.