Live Production

At Solitaire we organise all aspects of live production.


Technical Production Management

Audio System Design and Mixing

Light Design and Programming



QLab programming

Transport Logistics

Border Crossing and Carnets

Tour Management

Tour Accounting


Nightiners and Cast Buses


Through our associates worldwide, Solitaire can also organise to supply all equipment needed to make your tour, concert or event happen at the highest quality and within your budget.

Over the last 16 years Alan has worked on many major live productions, events and tours of all genres.

On these he has been Audio Engineer/Audio Systems Tech, Video tech or Production/Tour Manager.

Past and current projects include – Il Divo, Lionel Ritchie, Tiesto, Linkin Park, Nova Rock Festival, Frequency Festival, UAF Festival, Sensation White, Global Gathering, Gods Kitchen, Gaelforce Dance, Women Of Ireland, Celtic Nights, Irish Nights………