NOĊTÚ NOĊTÚ: nɒk tuː m. (gsnoċta). 1. Bare, strip, uncover. 2. Baring, exposure; disclosure, revelation; appearance.  


 The international search to bring the world’s best Irish dancers together for an innovative new performance is the subject of a new RTÉ television series to be broadcast in Summer 2011.  ‘Dance Off’ follows the making of NOĊTÚ, from auditions and boot camp, to the creative development and rehearsal of this new show.  The series comes to a climax when 13 Irish dancers from Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, Canada and Hungary take to the stage of the Lagan Valley Island Centre, Lisburn for the premier ofNOĊTÚ. Choreographed and directed by Riverdance Principal Dancer Breandán de Gallaí, NOĊTÚ (to bare or reveal all) is a totally new departure for the Irish dance show genre.  Described as an Irish dance play, NOĊTÚ strives to tell the story of Irish dance from the viewpoint of the dancer using movement, narrative, parody, comedy and pathos. The show pushes the boundaries of the Irish dance tradition and through a series of vignettes the audience will see behind the scenes and get under the skin of those who negotiate the politics, the struggles, the highs and the lows, the joy and the pain of being an Irish dancer.

Audiences had an opportunity to see NOĊTÚ live at various venues around the country from April 18th until May 1st.

Bookings for a new tour for Ireland in September/October are now being taken and the show will tour outside of Ireland after that period.